Web Based Training:

The Key to Energetic Healing with Asyra

Asyra Systems and Qest International are pleased to present an online training course for Asyra and QEST4 practitioners with Marcia Pitman; Naturopath, bioresonance practitioner, author and trainer.



About the Course

Complemented by a 298 page textbook, the course gives you a comprehensive approach to using Asyra / QEST4 energetic testing technology in your health practice to:

  • reduce toxic load
  • strengthen immune defence
  • support organ systems.

Dates of Webinar Sessions:

Each webinar runs on a Wednesday from 10.30am to 11.30amBST for the October sessions and 9.30am – 10.30am GMT for the November sessions.

All sessions are recorded and can be viewed at a different time.

4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.


Course Includes

  • 8 online sessions
  • 298 page course book
  • End of course assessment.

Price £495

The course in more detail:

Bioresonance has three functions:

  • to reduce the load of stressors confronting the body’s defence mechanisms
  • to improve those mechanisms so that the body’s natural healing capacities are boosted
  • to provide support to ailing organs or those which are overworking.

By these three interventions, bioresonance improves the body’s capacity to energise its own metabolic processes. It seeks to address the body as a whole, rather than focus only on its parts.

The first aspect of the course explores our model of illness and illustrates that chronic disease seldom arises from a single assault, but is the outcome of multiple stressors which overwhelm the body’s healing capacities. The dominant cause and precise combination of factors underlying any given degenerative health condition will vary across individuals and various conditions.

The second aspect of the course will cover the Total Body Load concept of clinical ecology. When an individual’s total load exceeds their current tolerance, they will become ill and remain that way until either the toxic load reduces or their defence mechanisms improve to allow them to detoxify.

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Webinar Contents

Session one: Model of Illness and Bioresonance

 The first session is in two parts:

The first part covers our holistic model, and therefore considers all the mechanisms of the body, ranging from the cellular level to the systems level and to the effects of their interactions on the body as a whole.

The second part is looking at Bioresonance, what it is, and how it presents itself in our environment and the ways we use it in therapies; such as reducing the load of stressors, supporting the body’s defence mechanisms and

boosting the body’s natural healing capacities.

Session two: Metals and Dental

 In today’s world we are confronted with metals in various ways. It is the heavy metal toxicity that has epigenetic, biochemical and bioenergetic effects. We will cover the ways we are exposed, how this has long term affects on the body, blocking essential energetic pathways. Dental materials, in particular metals and chemicals add an extra load onto the body. Often there are issues with dental work that leaves the body with blockages creating interference fields.

Session three: Radiation

We are exposed to numerous electromagnetic fields in our environment. We will cover the effects on the body of electro-smog, geopathic interference and magnetic field interference. Magnetic fields (for example) can penetrate the human body unchecked and, once a critical threshold is exceeded, nerve and muscle cells can become stimulated. Magnetic fields can combine with electrical fields, again affecting health.

Session four: Chemicals and Detoxification

The chemical load on the body is both more massive in volume and more toxic than in the past, while individuals are being exposed from very young ages when their detoxification capacities are immature. Even adults, however, are not equipped to detoxify many newly synthesised chemicals. Added to the load from biotoxins generated by poor digestion, the chemical load can be a significant blockage contributing to poor health.

Session five: Internal interference fields

These fields are regions of chronic irritation in the body and are usually precipitated by some type of tissue trauma. This trauma destabilises the membrane potentials in the region and often causing pain. One of the many interference fields we will look at is scars and their impact on meridians and the chakra systems.

Session six: Allergies and intolerances

When your immune system is over-sensitised, it will react unnecessarily to benign substances, which is termed an intolerant or allergic reaction. The substances that trigger these sensitivities are called allergens. We will cover the mechanisms that create these triggers, the types of allergens that are most likely to be the culprit. Also why, when we run a test, there are often a large number of sensitivities evident.

Session seven: Pathogens

Inevitably, when deal with a chronic health condition, infections and parasites will be part of the picture. This session will deal with bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, miasms, microbial toxins, mycotoxins and vaccinations. This will also include a specific section on Lyme Disease.

Session eight: Nutrients and treatment protocol

This session will cover the factors that affect nutrient assimilation, the effects on the brain and how our genetics and epigenetics influences our makeup. Bioresonance can help the body to repair the prior causes of poor absorption and assimilation. It will be able to assist cells directly to assimilate nutrients, as long as they are present in the blood in the first place. This makes our diet important: our health depends on our choices.

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About Marcia  

Marcia Pitman

Marcia Pitman R.N. Dip BRT comes to Bioresonance from an extended career in nursing. With over 15 years’ subsequent experience as a practitioner and managing her successful practice in Brisbane, Australia. She has been providing comprehensive training for practitioners across the Asia-Pacific region for over 10 years and is passionate about empowering  both practitioners and people in their quest to find health.

She has co-authored with Dr Louise Porter,  two books on Bioresonance: ‘Bioresonance explained’ and ‘Theory of Energetic Healing’.

Marcia’s website