What Are Asyra Practitioners Saying?
In addition to the testimonials here, you may be interested in having a look at case studies and practitioner interviews.

“A recent client had suffered Insomnia for two years, had been to a well known TV hypnotherapist for 6 sessions, and it had not helped. The hypnotherapist suggested a food test, I put in comprehensive and non linear, non linear showed neurotranmitters. I ran the test and guess what came up? Melatonin and Trytophan – all needed to rebalance sleep. I gave him the drops and he just rang me to report that he has slept like a baby ever since!”
Mark C, Asyra Practitioner, Kinesiologist, UK
“I purchased the Asyra as soon as I set up my practice, and I love it. I love how instantaneous (and accurate!) the results are. This means you can pinpoint the root of the clients problems, resulting in a more effective treatment. Clients love it, and it enables you to interact with them in a different way, keeping them engaged throughout, as they love seeing the results and going home with ‘literature’. I get so many queries asking whether I test for sensitivities, and I genuinely believe having the asyra gives you an incredible advantage.”
Neema S, Nutritionist, Asyra Practitioner, UK
“I had a few things in mind that I wanted to develop when I bought the Asyra. The first, from a business perspective, was to have a greater offering – I wanted to develop a business operating on my own. The second thing is that I know the main variable that was influencing my clinical results was my probing skills, and I knew that the Asyra would help me get a more complete and accurate picture of my client’s health very quickly without having to probe for answers. My practice has really taken off, I have become much busier as a result of having the Asyra. People find the technology and the results it gets fascinating – it’s a great hook for my practice. It’s added a new dimension to the way I work, each test offering clues as to where to go next with the treatment. Each test is really fast and easy to run and by the end of the testing part of a consultation, I know exactly where and how to best support my client.”
David R, Nutritionist, Asyra Practitioner, UK
“I have been using the Asyra for the past 12 months and I am amazed at how accurate and easy to use it is. Although I was getting fantastic results in the past, the Asyra gets to the underlying cause of the patients problem quickly and accurately. Since using the Asyra my business has grown into 2 busy clinics, seeing over 100 patients a week. I use the Asyra on every patient and it has certainly added a new dimension to how I treat. I have found that the Asyra results are very often comparable to pathology especially salivary hormone profiles. Patients are travelling long distances to visit our clinics for allergy testing and treatment with astounding results. The Asyra is a must for all practitioners who are serious about getting long lasting results for their patients.”
Hamish E, Naturopath, Asyra Practitioner, Australia
“As a nutritionist, I would say that every single nutritionist should have an Asyra. Often the information a client presents is not complete or relevant or accurate. The Asyra bypasses that by asking questions directly to the body to get to the heart of the matter. I’ll use the client I had this morning as an example. He had problems with a bloated stomach. Without the Asyra, a natural choice to make as part of his treatment would have been digestive enzymes. You’d focus on his digestion. But, by running a comprehensive screening with the Asyra, I identified that his Liver was at the root of the problem. I may have got there in the end using kinesiology and nutrition, but it could have been a drawn-out process. Kinesiology relies on the questions asked so it depends on asking the right question; and it can be a tiring process for the client. The Asyra picked up the imbalance in the liver right away and it recommended remedies and supplements that will help bring that system back into balance, specifically for that client. All the information from the screening set the direction for the consultation. Without the Asyra, how do practitioners know that what they are prescribing is really best for the client? Using the test plate, you can even determine what dosages will be most effective. In my clinic now, everyone gets better. I can’t think of one person who hasn’t got better. Some people just don’t realise that’s possible. It has made a huge difference to business. It’s a life long investment; I just think it’s fabulous.”
Emma B, Asyra User, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Kinesiologist
“The ASYRA has been a great time saving tool in my clinic, enabling me to assess very rapidly and accurately a broad spectrum of health issues. These include food sensitivities, environmental allergens, hormonal imbalances, organ and system overview and a nutritional profile showing deficiencies and when these are rectified or balanced. As a practice addendum this has created great interest with patients and gives an independent form of analysis, for patient and practitioner alike. It has been a fabulous practice building tool from newborns to the elderly. Patients love the idea that the ASYRA formulates a specific remedy for their improved health. I see vibrational medicine as cutting edge, ahead of it’s time and one of the great forms of health analysis now and in the future. The ASYRA……better health naturally!”
Brett S, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Asyra Practitioner, Australia
“Clients can find it hard to come in and just spill all their problems. They tend to get to the core issues only at the end of the consultation time. The Asyra helps identify issues at their root, rather than simply relying on the client’s descriptions and interpretations. This takes a lot of pressure off the client, and makes them feel more relaxed. Clients also love the shorter testing time, and crucially I’ve been getting excellent clinical results by working in this way. A more engaging consultation and better clinical results have made the Asyra a really valuable piece of equipment for me. I’m glad I chose the Asyra”
Jane O, Asyra Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Ireland
“The reason I got the Asyra was to offer more to patients, as it gives so many more ways to look at their health holistically. They love the interaction of seeing what is happening, which helps their compliancy rate. Often there is so much more underlying things, and the Asyra often offers “the missing piece” in their health. The support from Asyra staff has been amazing, and Hazel is a dream to work with, always understanding and informative. All I can say is I’m a fan, it’s helped build my practice, thanks Asyra and team!”
Barbara T, Asyra Practitioner, Naturopath, Australia
“Homeopathy has taken a bit of a battering in the media as of late, which has sadly put some people off. Food intolerance has been in the press frequently and is much trendier. Using the Asyra has enabled me to market myself with food intolerance testing alongside homeopathy, and that’s brought in clients. It’s also been helpful for my treatments. For example, I had a client come to me with depression. Traditionally – and from the client’s point of view, this is not related to the gut. However, the Asyra identified that the gut was out of balance and helped me restore its health. The Asyra has definitely increased business, without a doubt. Most clients come for 2-4 visits. After the initial consultation and the follow up though, many are already getting better. Because people get better so quickly, most of my business is through recommendations. People who get better tell all their friends and family about how they got treated. If you have been suffering for years, and find a solution to being healthy again, you shout it from the roof tops. I get years worth of recommendations. People hold onto my business card, and when a friend mentions they are in poor health, they say ‘I went and tried this, and it worked for me, give it a try.”
Anna W, Asyra Practitioner, Homeopath