System Security & Warnings

User Account Control

Windows has an in built system protection. It is called User Access Control (UAC) and helps prevent malware from damaging a computer. When running the Asyra/Qest Setup file or the Asyra/Qest program you may see a message similar to this appear (depending  on which version of Windows and how you computer is configured).

You will need to click YES otherwise the program will not run.

Computer security

Windows Defender is pre-installed with Windows and is the starting level of computer security. Independent testing has shown Windows Defender to be study protection

If you wish to user a 3rd party Anti-Virus service we have provided a list is below, there are many more to choose from, both free and paid.
This is for information only and it is up to the individual to choose which solution is most suitable.

Ideally you should try to find a package that offers AV protection with real-time scanning and a Firewall, although, Windows Firewall is a robust firewall (see link above).

Note:- Avast and McAfee are known to cause conflict with the Asyra/Qest software. They are not listed for this reason. McAfee is pre-installed (free on a one year basis) on most new computers and although there are few reported issues in general use, it has been known to cause many problems with the Asyra/Qest software.

It is important, whichever Anti-Virus package you use, to ensure that the Asyra or Qest4 software is added to the Safe, Trusted or Exceptions list (refer to the providers information). Failure to do this may cause problems.

Comodo Internet Security
Panda Anti-virus
360 Security
Norton Security (known to cause issues in a few cases)
eScan Anti-virus
F-Secure Anti-virus
Trend Micro Anti-virus

Some vendors offer free versions of their software. You should not discount free versions of software, some are as efficient as paid versions at protecting your computer.

Of course, being aware that your computer usage, especially internet browsing and emails, pose the biggest threats to your computer security. Be wary of unexpected emails with attachments and/or links and exercise caution when browsing the internet. The greatest threat to computer security is complacency.