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Protecting your Asyra Circuitry

Here is some very important advice about keeping your Asyra working reliably. Always use a surge suppressor between the wall socket and the charger – and make sure it is a good one. If you have ever had a circuit board failure in your premises or are especially keen to avoid one, take the extra precaution of unplugging the charger once the device is charged. i.e. don’t leave it on charge for 24 hours when an hour is enough.

Although the batteries are fine with long charges, the chances of a damaging power spike with a one or two hour charge are considerably reduced. While the majority of Asyra devices in the UK function for years without any mishaps, we have had a few devices that have been returned for circuit board replacements more than once, and we can only think that this must be due to power supply variability in a particular place.

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