Bioresonance: Theory of Energetic Healing – Textbook


A theory of energetic healing



A wide ranging introductory textbook to support health practitioners using energetic methods.  The detailed contents can be viewed here.

It is a really good resource for practitioners who may have just studied one major discipline and want to start synthesiing knowledge from different fields, but presented in a very accessible way.

The chapter list is as follows:

1 Principles of energetic healing

2 Chinese concepts

3 Blockages

4 Metals

5 Chemical toxicity

6 Radiation

7 Internal blockages

8 Energy stabilisation

9 Intolerance and allergy

10 Food allergens

11 Environmental allergens

12 Bacteria and viruses

13 Fungi, moulds and yeasts

14 Parasites

15 Targets of pathogens

16 Hormones

17 Detoxification

18 Nutrient deficiencies

19 Vitamins

20 Minerals

21 Protein and amino acids

22 Fats and oils

23 Dental theory

24 Five element theory

25 Complementary systems








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