PDF reports – creation and error solving

This article will discuss the PDF report options and the possible errors you may encounter.

The Asyra/Qest software has an in-built PDF creator. This works but you need to be aware if you are using Windows 8 or higher with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (possibly the previous version 11) and “Automatically open PDF document when created is selected” in the Report Options drop-down.















If using this combination you may find that you encounter an A32 error which also prevents the production of further PDF reports.












The reason for this is Acrobat Reader does not close properly when you close the report and when another report is created the system thinks Acrobat Reader is already in use.

SOLUTION:- Change the settings under the Report tab – Report Options dropdown – Uncheck “Automatically open pdf document when created”.
You will have to manually open each pdf you create and then close Acrobat Reader when you are finished with the report.

Note:- This issue does not appear on Windows 10 when there is no PDF software (reader or creator) installed. By default (without PDF software) Windows 10 uses Internet Explorer or Edge to view PDF files and this eliminates the problem.

There is a second issue with using the in-built creator. This issue makes the naming of generated reports complicated. By default all reports are named “Client Report”. This means that every time you generate a report, you will need to find the generated report and change the file name, otherwise the reports are over written with the latest report.

SOLUTION:- Manually change the report name by locating the file, then right click and rename the file. Do this with each report you generate.























Alternatively to avoid these issues it is advisable to use either Adobe Acrobat (not reader) or a 3rd party PDF creation program and selecting to ‘print’ opposed to using the CreatePDF option. This will give you the option to name files and choose the location the files are saved to when creating reports.

In this approach you will need to PRINT your report.  By selecting PRINT the print options box will appear and you can choose your preferred PDF ‘printer’. You can of course print to paper or to PDF.



There are many 3rd party PDF programs available and some offer a ‘free’ version.
Some of the more popular 3rd party programs are CutePDF, PrimoPDF and Foxit.
*Caution* a lot of freeware is loaded with junkware – this might add spyware or change your browser preferences etc, proceed with caution or seek professional advice.

Once you have selected you PDF printer and clicked ok the report will generate and the PDF printer program will display a box with options allowing to choose a name and the location where the PDF will be saved to and other options (depending on the software you use). For ease it is a good idea to make a folder on your computer called Client Reports (or whatever you prefer) to make locating client reports easier, just ensure you save PDF’s to this folder.

















Options Window

















Save/file name window


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