My CD or Asyra Memory USB stick is corrupt or lost – can I download the Asyra Pro software from the internet?

In the event you need to reinstall your Asyra or Qest4 software but don’t have access to a DVD or one of the Asyra memory sticks, you can download the files from a Dropbox.  The link has been shared on the facebook group, and is available to registered system users on request from our team. If your DVD or memory stick is old (pre 2016) it is advisable to use the current download file.

1- Download the current install file Asyra install file.
2- Once you start downloading the file, you should be able to see it downloading in bottom left hand corner of your internet browser, if you can’t see the file in your browser window, navigate to the ‘Downloads’ section on your computer and the file should be there. Bear in mind, that if the file is a large file it may take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.
3- Once the zip file has finished downloading, you will need to extract the files to a suitable location on your computer. Click on the file and select a location on your computer for the files to be extracted to. (In rare instances, you may not have a pre loaded zip extractor on your computer; one can be downloaded from here at
4- After the extraction has completed, the Asyra Pro installation wizard should then automatically load. If it doesn’t load automatically, you will need to locate the software folder which will be saved at the location you chose in the previous step. Once you have located the extracted Asyra installation folder, click on ‘Setup.exe’ and run the installation process as normal. Installation Guide


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