Interview with a Nutritionist



Emma Burwash (BSc) is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and kinesiologist. Having qualified as a dietician in 1997 she spent four years working in the NHS before building a cutting edge practice in Buckinghamshire. In her practice she combines natural healthcare principles with bio-energetic health screening, using the Asyra. As a result, her clients are enjoying outstanding treatment outcomes while her business has leapt to the next level. We take a few minutes of her time to gain insights into how she works.

How have you been using the ASYRA along side your works as a nutritionist?
I run a comprehensive health screening on every single client. This enables me to see what’s happening within their body – whether any organ systems are out of balance, what foods may be aggravating their health, any deficiencies, what remedies come up and so on. This helps me determine the direction for the consultation and treatment. Using the screening technology in this way has made my practice more efficient – people are getting better results more quickly; and I am seeing more clients.

Using the Asyra has also enabled me to integrate homeopathic remedies into my treatments. Not only does it identify which ones will be of the most use, but it has a testing plate that you can use to make your own homeopathic remedies specially for the client.

Can you give us an example of using health screening in a consultation?
I’ll use the client I had this morning. He had problems with a bloated stomach. Without the Asyra, a natural choice to make as part of his treatment would have been digestive enzymes. You’d focus on his digestion. But, by running a comprehensive screening, I identified that his Liver was at the root of the problem.

I may have got there in the end using kinesiology and nutrition, but it could have been a drawn-out process. Kinesiology relies on the questions asked so it depends on asking the right question; and it can be a tiring process for the client. The Asyra picked up the imbalance in the liver right away and it recommended remedies and supplements that will help bring that system back into balance, specifically for that client. All the information from the screening set the direction for the consultation.

Would you recommend the Asyra health screening technology to other nutritionists?
As a nutritionist, I would say that every single nutritionist should have an Asyra. Often the information a client presents is not complete or relevant or accurate. The Asyra bypasses that by asking questions directly to the body. Also, as practitioners, we can sometimes be a little subjective – we look at the questionnaire and form views readily, but the can be biased by previous experience. The Asyra is completely impartial.

I didn’t know exactly what to prescribe the client based solely on nutritional knowledge, I had no idea what that clients body needed, I had no idea how many capsules they needed to take, and so on. Without the Asyra, how do practitioners know that what they are prescribing is really best for the client? Half of the clients are on supplements that they don’t even need, or that aren’t directed at the root of the problem.

So every single nutritionist should really be testing with the Asyra. Not only does it very quickly give you a complete and unbiased picture of what’s going on in a person’s body, but it shows you what treatments will be effective for that individual. Using the test plate, you can even determine what dosages will be most effective. It’s a life long investment, I just think it’s fabulous.

You bought your Asyra two years ago. How valuable has it been to you?
I can’t remember how I used to practice without it, I think it’s fabulous, it’s an extraordinary bit of kit. I wouldn’t like to be without it. When you are dealing with people’s health, you want to help them get healthier and feel better as quickly as they can. The Asyra has really made a big difference. Yes it’s is expensive, but it is a piece of machinery that lasts forever because it is being constantly updated via the internet. In my clinic now, everyone gets better. I can’t think of one person who hasn’t got better. That is the power of nutrition, and getting the right treatment to clients. Some people just don’t realise that’s possible. It has made a huge difference to business.