Interview with a Kinesiologist

Jane O’Neill is a kinesiologist of ten years’ experience, currently working in County Down, Ireland. In 2008 she bought the Asyra bioenergetic health screening device from NutriVital. Almost three years on, we catch up with Jane to find out more about her experience of combining Asyra health screening and kinesiology.

How have you been using the Asyra alongside your work as a kinesiologist?
The correlation between Asyra testing and kinesiology testing is astounding. At a recent seminar, the correlation tested at 100%. The difference is that the Asyra runs thousands of tests, screening the whole body and all of its systems and states, within minutes.

Since I know I can be confident in the Asyra screening results, it’s a tremendous tool for cutting down my diagnostic time. I run a full health screening with the Asyra to get a picture of the state of a client’s health; then I use kinesiology to explore treatment paths. Clients love the shorter testing time, and crucially I’ve been getting excellent clinical results by working in this way.

The Asyra offers visual reports, which I go through with my clients. I’ve found that this helps to engage my clients in their health and treatment process. It also means that we can track their progress from the kinesiology treatments.

Asyra is the most flexible of the bioresonance screening devices available so I really can use it in whichever way I need to.

How have your clients responded to your use of a health screening device?
Clients really get into the Asyra screening and its display of results. I’ve also found that it helps to cut out some of the Kinesiology from a consultation, as too much can be tiring for them. Aside from leaving consultations more energised and engaged than before, I think they’ve found it helpful in getting to the heart of matters faster and more effectively, with more confidentiality.

Clients can find it hard to come in and just spill all their problems. They tend to get to the core issues only at the end of the consultation time. The Asyra helps identify issues at their root, rather than simply relying on the client’s descriptions and interpretations. This takes a lot of pressure off the client, and makes them feel more relaxed; and the more comfortable the client, the better the results from kinesiology that follows.

Can you give a specific example of where you’ve used the Asyra with Kinesiology?
Using the Asyra and kinesiology together can hone in on the endocrine system, identify which area is causing the problems and fix it very quickly. I’ve had exceptional results helping women through menopause by using the Asyra baseline function alongside kinesiology to reduce hormone build-up and restore natural balance. It’s helped me quickly test the full spectrum of hormones and also – because it tests for underlying causes rather than symptoms – it has helped me target other related issues such as heavy metal toxicity and liver function.

How has integrating the Asyra into your practice affected your business?
It’s been a really useful tool for my consultations, in all the ways that I’ve described. A more engaging consultation and better clinical results have made the Asyra a really valuable piece of equipment for me. I’m glad I chose the Asyra from NutriVital.

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