Interview 1: Anna Weir

It was a positive personal experience of homeopathy that prompted Anna Weir to study for a Homeopathy degree at Westminster University and the London College of Classical Homeopathy, going on to open her own homeopathic practice in 1999. In 2006, she came to NutriVital to add bio-energetic testing to her methods, and has been using the Asyra alongside classical homeopathy ever since. She now works at 4 multi-disciplinary clinics across Kent as well as giving talks to a wide variety of groups and organisations, including The BBC, The Parents consortium and Active Birth groups. Read on, as she describes how she integrates technology into homeopathic treatment, and to what effect.

How have you been using the Asyra alongside homeopathy?
The way I use the Asyra depends on the clients – I take each case as it comes and the treatment will always depend on the specifics. It is very useful to be able to manipulate the comprehensive test so you can test for specific areas of concern.

I continue to diagnose using homeopathy as I have the knowledge and experience to do this. The Asyra follows that line of thinking and confirms my thoughts and concerns. There is almost a 100% correlation between my diagnosis and the ASYRA results. Sometimes homeopathy can take a little too long, the Asyra helps me speed things up. For example, I had a client come to me with depression. Traditionally – and from the client’s point of view, this is not related to the gut. However, the Asyra identified that the gut was out of balance and helped me restore its health. This allowed for the body to accept further treatment from the homeopathic remedies.

Not only does the Asyra mean that I can gather a full picture of a client’s health and avoid personal judgements, but it opens out many more angles for treatments. I now work with herbal and nutritional treatments as well as homeopathy. Nutritional testing has become an important part of my consultations because so many problems that people have seem to revolve around the gut. There is the added bonus too that the print-off results help the client to focus on the treatment and their own health. They begin to understand how their body works and how to make it work better.

How have your clients responded to your use of a health screening device?
My clients are fascinated by the Asyra. You will get the 10% who are a little bit sceptical, but so many of my clients just need help and usually have been suffering for a while and looking for a solution, which I can offer.

The Asyra empowers people to take more control of their wellbeing and lifestyle. It helps guide and educate them, which helps them in the long run. Some of them don’t understand the difference between healthy meals and junk food. The Asyra gives them the basis of a treatment plan, and I guide them through, explaining the details and helping make it practical and realistic for them. The visual aspect of the results really helps engage them.

How has integrating the Asyra into your practice affected your business?
The ASYRA has definitely increased business, without a doubt. Most clients come for 2-4 visits. After the initial consultation and the follow up though, many are already getting better. So the repeat business is fine – I am here to make people better.

Because people get better so quickly, most of my business is through recommendations. People who get better tell all their friends and family about how they got treated. If you have been suffering for years, and find a solution to being healthy again, you shout it from the roof tops. I get years worth of recommendations. People hold onto my business card, and when a friend mentions they are in poor health, they say ‘I went and tried this, and it worked for me, give it a try’.

Would you recommend the Asyra to other homeopaths?
Most definitely. It’s a great confirmation tool. For specifically testing areas of concern, you can guess but the Asyra gives you confirmation. For herbal or nutritional treatments, it’s a big help as it picks out exactly what’s needed.

It’s a big investment but I made the money back with in two years, once you work out the price structure and what works for the location of your practice. I wanted to make the ASYRA available to everyone, so I charge £70 an hour consultation. I would rather help more people, so keep the price low so everyone who wants to try it can do so.