Software Installation Guide for Windows 7, 8 & 10

Please read these instructions fully before commencing installation, then refer to them step by step until installation is complete.

Please note:-  If your computer is running McAfee Anti-Virus or Avast you may have problems with the installation and/or running the Asyra software even if it installed correctly. The symptom of this problem may be a message showing ‘problem saving data’. Please see for further information.

Installation Instructions

Do not connect the Asyra device to the computer until the application is installed.

Ensure you have an active internet connection.

Step 1
Ensure Windows and all drivers are updated (in Windows 10 this is done automatically depending on your version).

Step 2
Insert the USB flash drive in to your computer.
Note:- If your USB flash drive or CD was supplied pre January 2015, we advise downloading the current installation files to avoid potential installation and update complications. Please refer to the relevant page in the support articles or the Facebook group for download locations and instructions.

A pop-up window should open asking “What would you like to do?” or similar. Click OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES. Right mouse click the file called SETUP and click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

If the pop-up window does not open, you will need to browse to the USB flash drive.

START>MY COMPUTER>locate the drive called ASYRA double click to open the. Right mouse click the file called SETUP and left click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

NOTE:- if your anti-virus software or Windows displays a pop-up message saying “a file is trying to make changes to your computer” or “this file is not recognised”  or a similar message, allow the program to run or run unlimited (you need to allow the software to run to allow the installation to happen). For further help please refer to “System warnings and Security”.

Follow the instructions as prompted to complete installation.

Step 3
Connect your Asyra to your computer using the USB cable (ensure the power cable is not plugged in to your device). A pop-up window will appear saying ‘installing device drivers’.

If a notification appears on the screen when you connect the device saying “Device driver software was not successfully installed” you will need to install the correct device drivers.
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Step 4
Close all applications and restart start your computer.

Step 5
Start the software by double clicking the Asyra icon on your desktop. If required, the password is 123asyra this is normally filled in and remembered by the software.

Step 6
Update the software.
The update procedure is automated and should happen when you turn the machine on and start the software (there may not always be any updates to download). However, this isn’t always the case and you will need to manually update or “Force Update”

Step 7
We recommend that you watch all of the videos under the HELP menu. All features, functions and clinical applications are covered and is a great aide that you can turn to refresh your memory and to enhance your Asyra Pro experience.

Please note:-
If you see any error messages asking you if the program has installed correctly, confirm that the program has installed correctly.

When the software is launched, windows will usually display the User Account Control window and dim the desktop. It will ask “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Click YES.
Anti-Virus programs may also display warnings, confirm the program is ‘safe’ or ‘trusted’ etc.

If a red ‘Attempting to connect to a COMPort’ please refer to the COMPort Issues article

There is an outside chance of a hardware failure. Before concluding this is the case, please test the unit on at least 2 computers.