Important information for Apple MAC users

Important for MAC users The Asyra is designed to be compatible with Windows and no other operating systems. However, you can run the Asyra pro on MACs by using what are called Windows emulation software. We recommend Windows Parallels for this process. Instead of having to create a separate partition, Parallels seamlessly integrates with the MAC operating system to create a user friendly way of running your MAC system side by side with a Windows operating system. For more information go to VMWare fusion is a close competitor to Parallels and operates in a similar way. For more information go to

We would NOT currently recommend using Virtual Box, we have noticed some compatibility issues during operation. We have found Parallels to be the most fluid software to use as it stands. Another option is to use ‘BootCamp’, which will enable you to choose whether you start the computer in MAC OS or Windows OS. This is the fastest way to run Windows on an Apple MAC and overcomes the possibility of your MAC slowing down as the system memory struggles to run two operating systems at the same time. USB Connections on MAC Computers In some rare instances, when switching off the Asyra Pro, the tick beside the Asyra Pro (showing as DLP_USB232) in the devices menu will be lost and you may experience Comport error messages within the software.

To rectify this, click on the devices menu within the MAC Desktop page and ensure DLP_USB232 is ticked. This is one of the first checks any MAC user should carry out when experiencing comport issues. In some instances, we have also noted that this can occur after the laptop has been restarted. Unplug the Asyra machine from your computer, then plug it in again and choose for it to be recognised by ‘Windows’.

PLEASE NOTE- Although we will always try our best to support you with any Asyra related issues, we must stress that we do not have comprehensive knowledge of how the different emulators work and function, so you as the client will be responsible for mastering the interaction between your Mac and Windows emulator. In some cases, we may need to refer you to get support from Parallels or Apple directly if software issues occur as in rare instances compatibility issues or software glitches can become apparent.

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