I would like to Back Up my client files on to a USB memory stick or CD 2016-12-02T12:29:50+00:00

I would like to Back Up my client files on to a USB memory stick or CD

Backing up your data and Asyra files regularly is crucial (we recommend you do this on a weekly basis). Failure to do so could mean the loss of all your patient records if your computer crashes or you experience hard drive failure. It’s easy to transfer the data to an external hard drive or memory USB stick, to ensure your vital client data and records remain safe.

The following the step by step guide will ensure the security of your data:

1. Connect your external hard drive or memory stick to an available USB Port on your computer.
2. Click (left mouse) on the ‘START’ icon at bottom left of page.
3. Click on ‘Computer’ (‘My Computer’ on older versions of Windows) from the Start Menu.
4. Once ‘Computer’ is loaded, click on ‘Local Disk (C:)’ and then on the ‘Asyra PRO’ directory/folder.
5. Once you’ve entered the Asyra PRO directory, you need to enter the ‘Backup’ folder.
6. Once in the ‘Backup’ folder, you will then see a list of small blue cabinets with code numbers and text following.
7. To the right of the small cabinets, you will see a list of dates and times. (If this is not visible, it is important to bring up the ‘details’ option) An example of the type of file name you will see is- ‘Backup 888888.888888.cab’.
8. IMPORTANT- Your latest ‘Backup’ file will be the file which is dated and timed closest to the present day. This file is your most recent backup and will include all the data up to and including your last client. It is crucial to refer to the dates section when you decide upon which backup file to transfer across.
9. Highlight and Right click on this file. Choose the ‘Copy’ option from the drop down menu.
10. Return to ‘Computer/My Computer’ and you will see ‘Removable Disk’ loaded. Click on the ‘Removable Disk’ which represents your External Hard drive/ Memory stick.
11. Once you have entered your external Hard Drive/Memory stick device, right click within the folder and select the ‘Paste’ option from the drop down menu.
12. You will now see the ‘Backup’ cabinet folder loaded and saved on your storage device, if this doesn’t work the first time then repeat steps 9-11 once more.

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