How Can I Insure My Asyra?

Many people contact us to ask for details of insurers.

Many of the most economical insurance deals are offered by professional associations and trade bodies. If you are not eligible for these then try one of the companies below. We are aware of two companies specialising in insuring complementary therapists.

Towergate SMG – 0113 391 9555 – At Towergate, EDS testing (MSAS / Asyra) is referred to as Acupro testing.

Balen’s – 01684 893006 – (more expensive in our experience)

As with all insurance, premiums tend to creep up year-by-year and you should get competitive quotes when you renew.

Complementary health is a rapidly expanding area, so expect other companies to start to offer these services soon. Insurers trying to break into a new market often offer good terms for the first few years.

Insuring your system against theft and damage usually needs to be done separately. Many domestic policies have single item limit of £5000 so it is often necessary to request special terms or a specific policy.

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