Growing Your Practice with Asyra Screening

The Asyra is an energetic screening device that practitioners of all backgrounds in the UK, US and Europe are integrating into their practices for better clinical results. Elsewhere on this website you will find interviews and case studies illustrating the benefits.

We have supported over 300 independent practitioners as they integrate Asyra health screening into their practices. Here’s how Asyra helps to grow your practice.

Get Results First Time

All of us in natural health practice recognise how important it is to deliver real change for the client on the first visit. In many cases we only get one chance to build the trust. Asyra, by way of the insights you get within minutes, and the imprinted solutions that can be given alongside any other treatment you offer, helps to ensure that first-visit success rate is at the highest levels. This builds your client satisfaction, your referrals and your practice.

Add Depth and Value To Your Consultations

Using the Asyra means you go further in every hour spent. Conversations deepen based on the test results that you generate in moments. Clients become willing to talk more freely, more quickly, when they experience the results from Asyra testing. This results in a more satisfying consultation and means clients want to return for more – not because you have not achieved the goals, but because the potential to explore deeper aspects of health and wellness opens up.

Attract More Clients

The Asyra system is at the leading-edge of natural healthcare practice. We live in a technological age and the public increasingly recognise that bio-energetic testing using a rapid testing tool like Asyra goes one step beyond many traditional healthcare practices. Your reputation is supported by the reputation of the body of existing Asyra practitioners and the excellent results they get.

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