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UK Asyra Practitioners

If you need more information regarding any Asyra Practitioner then please contact them directly or call the Asyra Office on 01730 233 414

Below is a list of some of the leading UK based practitioners who use the Asyra Pro in their practices and have asked to be listed. You can find a map of them here. If you are searching for a practitioner in another area, please go here for information.

Greater London

<strong>Hazel Drummond</strong>
Hazel DrummondAsyra Practitioner
Nutritionist, Psychotherapist, Homeopath, Bio-Energetic Screening Practitioner and Training Consultant, Nutritional Remedy ConsultantWith a background rooted in psychology, nutritional medicine, and Homeopathy, Hazel received her EDS training from Anne Smithells, founder of NutriVital Health. She combines her holistic approach with the latest bio-energetic screening technology. Asyra practitioners receive training from Hazel. London, Petersfield and Manchester. Tel: 01730 233 414
<strong>Mark Maxwell</strong>
Mark MaxwellAsyra Practitioner
Mark is a qualified Asyra practitioner specialising in Nutrition, Dental health and Pathology. Consultations and treatment plans to optimise wellbeing. Mobile screening/visits also possible. He is based in Barbican, City of London.
<strong>Rosanna Francis & Cathy Foley</strong>
Rosanna Francis & Cathy FoleyAsyra Practitioner
Formally of Allergy Test UK, Rosanna and Cathy offer a screening and Nutritional Advisory service throughout the City of London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Consultations include Asyra screenings, food and environmental sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and a personal programme for clients to follow. 
<strong>Michail Giovannopoulos</strong>
Michail GiovannopoulosAsyra Practitioner
Acupuncturist, Tuina Massage and Bio-energetic Screening Practitioner. Michail is practicing Japanese Acupuncture Kiiko Matsumoto Style, Tuina Massage, he is also using the SCENAR pain treatment and the Asyra Bio-energetic Screening in order to enhance his diagnostic tools and his treatment protocols for optimal results. Michail has an interest in treating all Musculoskeletal and Pain Conditions, Food Sensivitivites, Environmental Sensitivities, Immune System and Digestive Track issues.
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<strong>Mike Bengtsson</strong>
Mike BengtssonAsyra Practitioner
Mike is committed to providing the highest quality service for nutritional screenings for people who value optimum health. At your convenience and with tailored personal plans. In your home or place of work. Chelsea, London. Telephone +44(0)7814909425. Website: Click here to visit website.
<strong>Carmel Pickering</strong>
Carmel PickeringAsyra Practitioner
NHS, PRU and Cigna approved Nutritional Therapy and Weightloss Clinic providing personalised nutrition plans, support and motivation, to address underlying causes of conditions. Ruislip, West London. Click here to visit website.
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<strong>Alex Gibson</strong>
Alex GibsonAsyra Practitioner
Nutritional Therapist – Offering tailor made consultations and treatment plans to promote optimal health by treating the underlying health condition(s). Covering the City of London and Essex.
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<strong>Tricia Woolfrey</strong>
Tricia WoolfreyAsyra Practitioner
Uses the Asyra Pro in combination with holistic nutrition, hypnotherapy and coaching for individuals and corporates to help people perform at their best. Practices in Surrey and Harley Street.
Click here to visit Tricia’s website or call 0845 130 0854.
<strong>Lloyd Gee</strong>
Lloyd GeeAsyra Practitioner
Lloyd uses an integrated approach combining his Western and Eastern herbal practice with naturopathy and Asyra screening and treatment to allow the body to heal and maintain health naturally. This multi-level approach enhances the ability for the treatment to provide the support that each person needs. Based in North London.
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<strong>Angie Michael</strong>
Angie MichaelAsyra Practitioner
Nutrition and Bio resonance Asyra Specialist with over 10 years of Natural Nutrition experience, Angie Michael finds the health benefits a client can achieve from Bio Resonance Testing and Nutritional Support can be a life changing experience. Consultations can include Digestive Health Care, Personalised Nutritional Health Program and Food Sensitivity Testing. Based in Hampstead and providing home visits through out London.
Call 0207 284 4477.
<strong>Farzanah Nasser-Haider</strong>
Farzanah Nasser-HaiderAsyra Practitioner
Nutritionist & Bio-Energetic Screening Practitioner – Farzanah uses Nutrition in combination with the Asyra Pro bio-energetic screening to get you back on the road to good health – permanently. Each consultation includes all of the required health screenings and a tailor-made nutritional plan. Based in North London.
<strong>Moira Griffiths - Camino</strong>
Moira Griffiths - CaminoAsyra Practitioner
With over 13 years experience in Energy Healing, The Journey™ and Crystal Healing. Moira combines the relevant therapies needed with the bio-energetic screening system to support and help clients to follow their positive & often transformational path ahead.Based in Middlesex.
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<strong>Rita Arora BSc Hons Pharmacy,mBANT,CHNC</strong>
Rita Arora BSc Hons Pharmacy,mBANT,CHNCAsyra Practitioner
Nutritionist and Pharmacist with over 20 years experience. Rita has a full understanding of traditional, allopathic medicine and conditions, as well as nutrition, complementary therapies and homeopathy. Rita’s expansive knowledge can help with a whole range of symptoms, from digestive complaints to infertility. Rita also lectures in nutrition in London at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is the leading nutritionist lecturer for DNAFit, training both nutritionists and personal trainers.To book an appointment call: 07738 275546
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<strong>Justine Evans</strong>
Justine EvansAsyra Practitioner
With over 17 years experience Justine is based in Twickenham, Greater London – on the borders of Middlesex and Surrey. She is a Registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist who received her EDS training with Anne Smithells, founder of Nutrivital Health. Justine specialises in hormonal and fertility health. Her well rounded naturopathic approach combines Asyra bio-energetic screening with functional Science and Eastern philosophy.
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<strong>Jan and Jennie Fox</strong>
Jan and Jennie FoxAsyra Practitioner
Co-founders of Great Natural Health, Jan and Jennie offer the best of generational knowledge, advice and experience. Registered Homeopath Jan has 15 years of clinical experience, and Jennie whilst being newer to the profession brings fresh and inspiring approaches to the practice. Natural Health Strategists and Homeopathic Consultants, they offer individualised treatments to regain health, using: Homeopathy, Bio-resonance Screening, Nutrition, and Natural Health Advice. Currently working from the London Natural Health Centre, Holborn and Bababoom Pre/Post Birth Therapy Clinic in Loughton, Essex.
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<strong>Ishbel Poole</strong>
Ishbel PooleAsyra/QEST4 Practitioner
Ishbel uses the Asyra/QEST bioresonance system alongside her experience and skills as a professional homeopath to find the root cause of a client’s health problems. Addressing the underlying causes is the best and safest route back to health. Having previously worked in a homeopathic pharmacy for 6 years, Ishbel has experience of customers with a wide range of health concerns. She is based near Finsbury Park (Zone 2). Telephone 07850 953 519
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<strong>Carolyn Stevens</strong>
Carolyn StevensAsyra/QEST4 Practitioner
Carolyn has been working with energetic medicine for over 10 years and is a qualified Homeopath, Craniosacral therapist and Asyra Practitioner. With clinics in Central London, Saffron Walden in Essex and Hitchin in Hertfordshire Carolyn is available to help you get your body back to balance and health to enable you to gain the most out of your life. Knowledgeable on nutrition and a wealth of other health related subjects Carolyn is with you to advise you along your journey to health. Skype appointments are also available.
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<strong>Dani Benjamin</strong>
Dani BenjaminAsyra/QEST4 Practitioner
I started to specialise with energetic medicine in early 2015. After taking an initial case I then use my Bio-Resonance device – The Qest4 – to complete the consultation. This is a fascinating device that reads the energetic output the body is emitting and gives an assessment as to whether certain body systems, cells and tissues within are ‘stressed’ ‘weakened’ or ‘balanced’. I work with doTerra essential oils to shift blockages on emotional and physical levels. These powerful oils are very effective in clearing energetic blockages that hinder the path to balance.

Telephone: 07973167741
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