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For your convenience, here are some answers to some common questions about the Asyra. Should you require any further information, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Is the Asyra Pro a diagnostic device?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

The Asyra is not a diagnostic device. All bioenergetic testing devices (as with manual techniques such as kinesiology) work by sending signals of some form to the body and getting a response – balanced or unbalanced, and reporting the response back to the practitioner.

Diagnosis is the process of dividing people into groups according to the set of signs and symptoms they show, whilst bioenergetic testing reflects back a unique pattern of information that can be used to treat on a like-cures-like basis and to gain insight for the practitioner and client.

The information you obtain from the system may of course assist you in arriving at a diagnosis, if this is what you are licensed to do.

Where do you ship to?2014-07-24T08:46:55+00:00

No. NutriVital Health has supplied bio-energetic technology and comprehensive training to clinics all over the world. The Asyra Pro can be quickly and safely shipped to any destination and no matter where you are, you will receive the same high level of support and customer service that UK customers receive. Full one-to-one training will be provided over the internet and telephone.

How soon can I get an Asyra Pro?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

All you need to do is to call us on 01730 233 414 and arrange a suitable schedule for training and you could be using your system within a week.

Can I lease an Asyra Pro?2014-07-24T08:47:49+00:00

Yes, we work with leasing providers who offer competitive terms for hire purchase or leasing over 36 or 60 months.

Is the Asyra Pro portable?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

It is not only portable, but it is compact, light (just 3kg), simple to connect, and comes with a handy custom-moulded hard carry case. For daily commuting, the Asyra and a lightweight laptop fit easily into a standard laptop bag.


Can I receive full training if I am not able to visit your training centre?2015-03-15T19:04:16+00:00

Full training has been given to practitioners all over the world, using online collaboration. If you aren’t able to attend a classroom training course, providing you have broadband internet connection and a telephone nearby, we can conduct full training remotely.

Tell me more about training.2014-07-24T08:58:51+00:00

We provide full support and training to our customers. Upon purchasing, you will receive two days of training from an experienced practitioner who uses the Asyra daily. This ensures a full understanding of the technology and of results, so that you can use it with confidence from day one.

We provide three levels of training, the Foundation training is included in the system price. Foundation training will help you understand the basics of your Asyra and ensure you can run tests and send reports. Intermediate training delves deeper into the system and enables you to create your own tests and protocols. Advanced training offers you the chance to really fly with your Asyra, teaching you advanced protocols and ways of working.

Ongoing support includes workshops, webinars and updates that will be available for download.

Can I customise my Asyra Pro to suit my needs?2014-06-02T17:01:44+00:00

Absolutely. The Asyra Pro is unique in that the software can be easily programmed to the protocols and products that you chose to use in your practice.

What else will I need to get going with the Asyra Pro at my practice?2014-07-24T09:11:09+00:00

Just a desktop or a laptop computer. The optimum PC requirements are: 4 GB of hard-drive space for installation, 100 GB hard-drive or better, USB Port, Windows 7 or Windows 8. The Asyra Pro is also compatible with Mac by installing a Windows virtual machine. You can download updates FREE via the internet. If you choose to receive training over the internet, you will need broadband access and a telephone.

What is included when I buy the Asyra Pro?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

The Asyra package from from NutriVital Health includes:

  • The Asyra Pro Console
  • Handmass circuit and holder
  • Imprintable low energy laser
  • Charger and cables
  • Robust travel case
  • USB installation media
  • All updates by FREE automatic download
  • Built in standard protocols
  • Two day Foundation Training
  • Comprehensive reference manual
  • Over 75 help videos built into the software
  • Full five year warranty (one year for cables)
How many tests can I run?2014-07-24T09:07:33+00:00

The Asyra Pro software is uniquely customisable so you can run as many tests as you wish to. The system comes with a selection of useful testing protocols ready to go.

How long does a screening take?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

A fully comprehensive analysis can be carried out in less than four minutes ! This gives more consultation time for building rapport and developing an appropriate treatment programme for your client.

Is the Asyra Pro safe?2016-12-02T12:29:53+00:00

Entirely safe. Your client will hold the two brass hand masses and feel absolutely no pain or discomfort throughout the process. It is entirely non-invasive and requires no removal of clothes.

Who can use the Asyra Pro?2016-12-02T12:29:54+00:00

It is designed for use by qualified healthcare practitioners. Our clients include nutritionists, doctors, homeopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths, dentists, and kinesiologists and practitioners from many other health disciplines.

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The Asyra Experience
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