Is the Asyra Pro a diagnostic device?

The Asyra is not a diagnostic device. All bioenergetic testing devices (as with manual techniques such as kinesiology) work by sending signals of some form to the body and getting a response – balanced or unbalanced, and reporting the response back to the practitioner. Diagnosis is the process of dividing people into groups according to [...]

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Where do you ship to?

No. NutriVital Health has supplied bio-energetic technology and comprehensive training to clinics all over the world. The Asyra Pro can be quickly and safely shipped to any destination and no matter where you are, you will receive the same high level of support and customer service that UK customers receive. Full one-to-one training will be [...]

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Is the Asyra Pro portable?

It is not only portable, but it is compact, light (just 3kg), simple to connect, and comes with a handy custom-moulded hard carry case. For daily commuting, the Asyra and a lightweight laptop fit easily into a standard laptop bag.

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Tell me more about training.

We provide full support and training to our customers. Upon purchasing, you will receive two days of training from an experienced practitioner who uses the Asyra daily. This ensures a full understanding of the technology and of results, so that you can use it with confidence from day one. We provide three levels of training, [...]

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What is included when I buy the Asyra Pro?

The Asyra package from from NutriVital Health includes: The Asyra Pro Console Handmass circuit and holder Imprintable low energy laser Charger and cables Robust travel case USB installation media All updates by FREE automatic download Built in standard protocols Two day Foundation Training Comprehensive reference manual Over 75 help videos built into the software Full [...]

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The SCENAR is a hands-on treatment device that is highly effective in treating acute and chronic pain and can do much more. Originally developed by scientists and doctors for the Russian space programme, the SCENAR Pro is now being used routinely in hospitals by medical professionals and top athletes.

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