Dilution Scan – Individual Dilutions: My System Is Locking Up

If your system is locking up then instead of scanning all the dilutions at one go, try scanning 15 or 20 at a time. Sometimes if you try to run too many it locks the system because your CPU RAM gets filled up.

While in the Hold Tank, click on the first cell below the “Dilution” column. Then hold down the “Ctrl” + “Shift” keys on your keyboard and click on the 15th or 20th item under the Dilution column. That group will become highlighted.

Next, move your mouse so it is in the highlighted group and “Right-Click”. A pop-up will appear – click on “Scan” and have the patient hold the electrodes. Your Asyra will scan that group for dilutions.

Repeat this process for the next group of 15 to 20 items and continue this process until all the items in Hold Tank have been tested for dilutions.

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