COMPort Issues – If you see the Red Attempting to Connect to a COMPort (Windows 7, 8 & 10)

A common Asyra issue is seeing the red ‘Attempting to connect to a comport’ message usually when launching the software.

Step 1
Check the basics;- power lead removed from the Asyra, the device is switched on and connected to the computer, hand masses not being held or touching each other, only 1 instance of the AsyraPro software running.
IMPORTANT NOTE:- If the device is connected you will need to check the device is communicating with the computer.
To do this go to Device Manager and check that there is an item under Ports (COM & LPT) called USB Serial Port (COM*) and an item at the bottom of the USB Serial Bus Controllers called USB Serial Converter as shown in the image below. If these two items do not appear there may be a hardware issue. In this case you are advised to try a different USB cable and trying the device on a different computer – it might be necessary to install the software.

Check within the software itself. When the Asyra software is loaded and the COMPort error message shows, click on the COMPort menu tab and ensure the ‘Auto find’ option is selected, if it is select any other COMPort number then re-select ‘Auto find’.

Step 2
Make sure you are using the latest version of the software (check FILE>WEB UPDATE REPORT if unsure, the version number you have installed should matc the most recent version in the list). Some COMPort issues have been solved just by performing a software update

Other steps

If this has not rectified the problem, or if the red ‘Attempting to connect to a comport’ appears on other occasions, especially if you attach your Asyra to several different computers as you will need to reset the COM Port.

Go to ‘Device Manager’ (refer to relevant article on Device Drivers for more information) and find the item in the list, if the (COM) number is higher than 20 double click on the item.
Go to the “Port Settings” tab
Now click the “Advanced” button
Change the “COM Port Number” by clicking the drop down box and selecting any number lower than 20, you can use any number lower than 20 even if it says COM1 (in use)
Return to ‘Control Panel’ clicking OK when asked and your Asyra main screen should now show the red box saying ‘No Client Selected’.

If these steps fail to resolve the problem, you should attempt to update the Device Drivers
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

There is an outside chance of a hardware failure. Before concluding this is the case, please test the unit on at least 2 computers.


Page updated 17/03/17