Comparing Bio-energetic and Bioresonance Systems

Bio-energetic testing or bioresonance has been presented in many different forms over the years so there is currently a range of techniques and devices available to choose from. This page will help you make the best decision for your practice.

Practicality of operation

There have been devices available since the 1950s that take point readings from very specific acupoints, according to the meridian system of Chinese Medicine. These include systems by BioMeridian (the Vantage), MSAS Professional (which was our device of choice in our clinic until 2005, Mora and VEGA.

All of these systems have earned places in the world of natural healthcare. However, there are issues that practitioners should be aware of:

  • Testing can be very time consuming, with a standard set of tests taking up most of a standard consultation period.
  • In addition to training they require a great deal of practice and skill just to obtain good results.
  • Those systems relying on a motorised semi-automatic probe do not have sufficient sensitivity to replicate the very fine adjustment that a skilled practitioner makes unconsciously to get good point readings.
  • There is more room for practitioner bias – conscious or unconscious. This can effect treatment success.
  • The process can be uncomfortable.
  • Once the information is gathered, mapping out of an effective treatment plan can be difficult.


Bio-energetic screening is a tool to enhance your overall assessment and treatment ability. Some bio-energetic screening devices are set up so as to recommend a specific proprietary range of health products. This doesn’t necessarily enhance your practice. Flexibility is really valuable in that respect – if you can use a device which has the option of opening up to a whole new range of treatments to your clinic as well as being one that is completely compatible with your existing methods and products, you and your clients will really benefit. Additionally, you can get more value for your patients and your practice if you use a bio-energetic system that is able to test remedies against specific clients and imprint customised informational remedies.


Confidence is a key element in developing a good patient-practitioner relationship, which in turn is key to successful treatment. The appearance of your equipment, the software interface, the language used in presenting the system and reports that are given to your client are important aspects of any testing system and important considerations for any practitioner looking into using bio-energetic devices.

The physical appearance of the system’s hardware is largely a matter of personal preference but generally, a simpler design looks better as time passes.

A number of systems on the market have software interfaces that give a poor impression. Additionally, some manufacturers develop their own language to create an impression of uniqueness, but this can make it harder for your client to understand the output.

Making your decision

Before selecting a system here are some fundamental questions you should ask:

Is the system easy to use?
Can it be upgraded with ease and does the supplier have a good record of supporting and improving their product ?
Can I add my preferred remedy ranges, or is the system restricted to proprietary products? Is the supplier committed to generating revenue through tying you into product ranges ?
Can the system be adapted to complement my clinical approach?
Can I modify the system’s screening protocols to my specific needs, or are they fixed?
Can I check the efficacy of the remedies on the patient before prescribing?
Is the system portable and robust ?
Does it look fit for purpose?

The reason we chose the Asyra for use in our clinic is that it ticks all of the boxes. If you would like to talk about the Asyra or would like advice specific to your needs, contact us on +44 (0)1730 233 414 or email

Please also view our new site, where you can see the latest evolution of this energetic technology, released in 2015.