Carrying out a System Restore to solve any recent issues/errors

System Restore is another approach worth trying early on when attempting to solve software issues. System Restore is a process that restores your computer back to its status on a date before your software issues occurred. System Restore will discard any changes, such as an upgrade, which may be causing your current issues.

Follow these steps to carry out a system restore:

1. Click ‘Start’, select ‘All Programs’.
2. Select ‘Accessories’.
3. Select ‘System Tools’, then click ‘System Restore’.
4. You will see the Restore system files and setting page load, click next after reading instructions.
5. The second page gives you a choice of available restore points, if you wish to use an earlier restore point. Then tick the box below the main list which states ‘Show more restore points’.
6. Select the appropriate date you wish to restore from, making sure that it’s a date before the problem occurred.
7. Click on the desired restore point, highlighting it, then click ‘Next’ and click the ‘Finish’ button.

Note: This particular procedure applies specifically to Windows Vista & Windows 7. The process for Windows XP is different, but simple to follow.

If the handmasses fail to respond, disconnect the blue probe from the Asyra unit and press the calibrate button then plug the blue probe back in. The probes should now resume to working normally.

If all previous steps prove unsuccessful, contact Technical support by phone or email. Please be equipped with full details of the issue (including the version of Windows used i.e. XP, Vista, 7 and Asyra software version number) so we can get a clear picture of how to rectify the issue.

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