Asyra Warranty & Support Policy

Five Year Warranty

The Asyra main system unit is covered by a 5 year warranty, so in the unlikely event that there is a fault, we will repair it free of charge.  (Please note, we do require that you pay the inbound carriage, and cannot be held liable for damage due to inadequate packaging).

Hand mass cables, lasers and chargers are warranted for 1 year from purchase, and replacements are provided free within this period except in cases where excessive wear or damage has occurred. After 1 year, replacements can be supplied at our standard list prices

Service standard for warranty repairs: UK – systems received at our centre will be repaired and sent out within two working days.

Qest International will not be liable for any time or revenue losses due to equipment failure.

Technical Support

Included in the package you purchased is technical support for your long-term use of the Asyra. This document details the nature of support that is included, and further technical support services that we can offer.

What’s Included

In short, anything that facilitates the function of your Asyra in your practice. Typically, this is:

Installation – initial installation is offered online or at our training centre. For users who change computer or need re-installation, we offer written instructions on our web portal at and are happy to answer short queries.

Software Support – support requests must be submitted by creating a ticket at The information provided by the form allows our support team to guide you to the quickest solutions. A response will normally be forthcoming in within half a business day.

What’s Not Included

New Computers, changes of hardware, problems relating to other anti-virus software or Change of operating system – we offer basic, quick advice for these activities without charge, including the extensive articles on our websites ( For a charge of £75 inc VAT + carriage if applicable we can provide a re-installation service at our training centre, online or by send and return. For assistance with installing the Asyra software on a new computer via online or telephone, a minimum charge of £30 per 30 minutes will be applicable. This option will be made available to you after you have completed the support request form on the website.

Hardware Fixes Out of Warranty – hardware fixes outside of the warranty will incur the discounted fee of £95 plus component costs (which will be quoted at the time of the fix) plus carriage. Broken cables can be replaced at the list price. Main circuit board replacements incur a flat fee of £495 inc VAT and give a further 2 year warranty extension.

Systems Purchased Elsewhere

We also offer technical support to individuals who did not purchase their Asyra from Qest International. We provide the option of buying in to the Qest International Technical Support Scheme, in which case you will receive the same terms as above.

For other purchasers who do not take up the Technical Support Package, we offer clinical support, charged on an hourly basis, as well as batteries or circuit board replacements. Installation support is available at £100 + VAT.

Rapid Response Service

Hardware fixes – available in UK, Ireland and Netherlands
Any system user within warranty requiring a rapid hardware fix may request opt for immediate dispatch of a temporary (USB connected) hardware unit (subject to availability). You must then send your unit to our office for repair and commit to return the temporary unit on receipt of your repaired unit. The fee for this service is £250 + VAT which includes any internal component parts required. Carriage from your premises to ours must be paid for.

Software fixes
Rapid response software support is available on a no fix, no fee basis, for a fee of £150 + VAT This service has a response time of 2 hours during business hours.

Clinical Support

We aim to support you in clinical issues as much as reasonably possible during the 3 months following your purchase. Clinic support is also available on a peer-sharing basis on the Asyra facebook groups. Clinical support consultancy is offered on a best-efforts basis and any advice offered is the opinions of our practitioners and not a guarantee of accuracy, ‘correct’ interpretation or clinical results. Any requirements for significant further training over the phone or online may be referred to one-to-one training sessions available at £75.00 per hour.

MAC USERS PLEASE NOTE– Although we will always try our best to support you with any Asyra related issues, we primarily offer support to people using the Asyra software in a Windows environment, we must stress that we do not have comprehensive knowledge of how the different operating systems/emulators work and function, so you as the client will be responsible for mastering the interaction between your Mac and Windows emulator. In some cases, we may need to refer you to get support from Parallels or Apple directly if software issues occur as in rare instances compatibility issues or software glitches can become apparent.


Firewalls:-The program AsyraPro.exe must be allowed as an exception in your firewall rules, or else updates may not complete, resulting in unstable operation.

Internet updates:  should not be loaded immediately prior to client work, but done at a time where you are able to test and check the smooth operation of your software following the update.

Third party support:  please be aware that regular IT support professionals rarely know anything about Asyra, so your local Apple store or PC World who fixes your computer may not take account of it when doing fixes on your computer unless you expressly tell them.

 Cables: If you travel with your device regularly or would suffer major loss if you had a faulty cable, we recommend you invest in a spare set of handmass cables.

Please refer to your Asyra Training Manual and to the website for further guidance on technical support.

User Responsibility

The Asyra has been tested on all currently supported Windows platforms without failure. The manufacturer’s software guarantee specifies a dedicated computer, not running other application software. However, in our experience, it is feasible to run other software alongside Asyra. We recommend Wind0ws 10.

Qest International will make every effort to support users running the Asyra in conjunction with other software, but cannot be held responsible for any incompatibilities that may arise as a result.

PLEASE NOTE; as of April 8th 2014 Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and as such no more security fixes/bugs/loop holes will be patched. XP has now become a target for hackers and we would strongly recommend NOT using a Windows XP laptop or workstation for running your Asyra software.


Qest International Ltd: updated 25/06/18 and supersedes any previous versions.