Asyra Training and Support


With over 15 years experience in using and supplying bio-energetic testing systems, we understand the kind of support and service health practitioners need in order to bring the maximum benefit to their clients and practice. We offer training specifically for Asyra users of varying levels of experience.

Asyra Online Foundation Training

INCLUDED IN ASYRA PRICE…This training is designed to familiarise you with using Asyra for the first-time, or to refresh you if you are returning after a long-break. The materials are presented via a series of slidesets and videos with quiz materials to check your knowledge. You are recommended to complete these materials before in-person trianing.

The specific subjects of the course are:

Understanding energy medicine  –  System installation  –  Familiarisation with the Asyra hardware and navigating the software  –  Testing the baseline and comprehensive analysis  –   Refining the test, using search options, introducing other protocols  –  Basic editing and custom libraries  –    Sources of help and support  –   Integrating Asyra into your practice

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  • Hands-on training designed to advance your ability
  • For those new to the Asyra or simply want to enhance your experience further

Asyra Classroom Training

INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE OF YOUR SYSTEM – This training is the key step in getting familiar with using the Asyra technology in your practice.

The specific subjects of the course are:

First visit and follow-up strategies  –  Exploring the practitioner’s role in energetic testing – Communicating about energy medicine  –  Master list and creating tests  –  Variety of testing protocols –  Intention setting and releasing beliefs  –  Nutritional and herbal support  –  Case studies

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Asyra User Webinars

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Asyra Practitioner Webinars

A programme of webinars is offered throughout the year including:

– Foundation training revision

– Intermediate / Protocol training for remote users

– Understanding energy medicine

Call us on 01730 237 248 to discuss training

When you decide to purchase an Asyra, our training co-ordinator will arrange a two-day Foundation training course. Courses are scheduled at regular intervals. If you are in a location that makes  travel to our centre impossible, and alternative method of learning, via a series of one-to-one online sessions, punctuated by practice time, will be arragned for you.  In this case, we always recommend that, in due course, you do come for a classroom training coure. In this way you can benefit from the experience of hands-on exchange with other practitioners, in the context of a fully operational Asyra clinic.

Following Foundation training, we recommend that you plan to join our Intermediate level training at a time interval that suits you. In most cases, around three months of practice will probably give enough case experience to get the full-benefit of learning new material.  Checking your knowledge against the online Foundation course assessment test is  good way of checking your understanding.

The Advanced course may be something you come to later on, or you might want to do it as soon as 6 months after your Asyra purchase. This will depend on just how deeply you wish to engage with the capabilities of this technology and approach.

Our webinar programmes offer the chance to catch up and revise areas of study, and they also offer Asyra users from different locations to benefit from the unique training expertise of NutriVital.

Ongoing Support

As you use your Asyra in your practice, you may benefit from further support. You may want to clarify certain techniques; you may want to explore further applications; or you may just want to run something by an experienced user! This is why practicing Asyra consultants are on hand to assist you as you work.

In the rare event of technical issues or concerns, we have a technician on call.  Tickets are raised via a web facility that makes sure your issue is directed to the person most able to solve it.

You can rest assured that the Asyra comes with a full 5 year warranty, and that our support commitment does not end there. You can see our detailed support policy here.

One of the most effective sources of ongoing support for your Asyra practice is to join the 700+ users in our facebook group. The group is private and offers practitioners a place to share knowledge and case questions with a wordlwide peer group.

For more information on the many ways by which we can support your business and treatments, contact us now...

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