Asyra Software Compatibility

The Asyra Pro software runs in a Windows environment, (Windows 10 recommended).

MAC users can use Asyra using a Windows virtual machine. The two most common options are Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion.  We have had more experience supporting clients with Parallels Desktop, but both systems are effective. We recommend avoiding VirtualBox, or other untested virtualisation systems.

The virtualisation software, along with your chosen version of Windows must be purchased and installed before installing the Asyra software. Our support team are able to offer this installation service for a small fee prior to your training, if required.

These systems work by allowing you to open a Windows sub-system from witin the MAC environment. Windows opens on your MAC screen as a window, and you open the Asyra software or any other Windows software from there. You can also create a direct MAC shortcut icon to your Windows applications in some systems.  The advantage of this is that you can still interact with your MAC, for example, to email Asyra reports using your native MAC email software.

An alternative is to use Bootcamp, which allows your MAC to bootup with either the Windows or MAC OS, but our experience has shown that the virtual machine option presents a more seamless and fluid experience. Bootcamp may be suitable for you if you wish to maintain a Windows environment for other reasons apart from just to run Asyra.

Asyra runs best with 8GB or more of RAM, and requires around 4GB of hard drive storage.  It requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels, and a USB connector. Please ask us for advice if you want to know if your device will be compatible.