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Asyra Pro Software Upgrade

As of April 2009, the new Asyra Pro software upgrade is available for free to all Asyra AT3 users. Users wishing to upgrade from the original probe-based Asyra will need to pay for an upgrade to the equipment. The Pro version features enhanced function and interface.

Please note the following:

    • The Asyra Pro is a software only upgrade and it works with the existing Asyra hardware, though an economical laser probe is available as an accessory.
    • The software installs as a separate program and does not overwrite the AT3 software.
    • On the first intall attempt, Asyra Pro will copy your client list from the AT3 installation, though without any test data.
    • After installing from DVD, the system will attempt to run a web update automatically. You should allow this to proceed. If it does not do so, go to the file menu, and click on Web Update while holding down the Control key and proceed to ‘force’ a web update.
    • The Asyra Pro requires that an Asyra device is plugged in to the PC in order to operate, but there is no licence key required. This may be slighly inconvenient at times if you want to work with your data but not screen clients, but it is a necessary step to ensure clinical data security, for example when laptops are stolen.

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