Asyra Database


The Asyra database has been refined over many years of development and now contains a huge array of test libraries spanning physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual factors.

Note that energetic testing with the Asyra against any of the included libraries can never be considered diagnostic of any medical condition, or as conclusive of the physical presence of any pathogen. Asyra merely reveals a change in bio-electrical response to informational signatures output by the system, from which you can draw conclusions or otherwise based on your own expertise and experience.

This page displays the libraries that make up the Comprehensive Analysis, and a large selection of the additional libraries available in the Master list. Many proprietary products are also included in the database. The total number of items is currently 38,570. There are no limits on the size of custom lists you create for yourself.

Comprehensive Analysis

Antibody Disturbance
Bacterial Signatures
Bio-Availability Disruption
Cell Permeability
Cell Salt Imbalance
Chakra Imbalance
Chemical Toxicity
Chromosomal Sarcodes
Circulatory Disturbances
Color Filters
Constitutional Weakness
Dental Disturbance
Dietary Concerns
Drainage Block
Electrolyte Disturbance
Fatty Tissue Disturbance
Food Additives
Food Sensitivities
Fungal Signatures
Genome Sarcodes
Geopathic Stress
Harmful Energies
Heavy Metal Burden
Homeopathic Similium
Hormonal Imbalance
Hormones – BioIdentical
Inflammatary Issues
Mental or Emotional Stress
Meridian Disturbance
Metabolic Disturbances
Mesenchyme Filter
Musculo/Skelatal Weakness
Mycoplasma/Mollicutes Signatures
Mycotoxin Signatures
Neurological Imbalance
Non-Vertebral Misalignents
Oxidative Stress
Parasite Signatures
Parasympathetic Disturbance
Phenolic Sensitivities
pH Imbalance
Polarity Disturbance
Prion Signatures
Protozoa Signatures
Sarcode Weakness
Sleep Disturbances
Sympathetic Disturbance
Thyroid Disturbance
Trace Min. Malabsorption
Vaccination Disturbance
Virus Signatures
Female Conditions
Male Conditions
Anti-Aging Formulas
Pediatric Conditions

Other Categories include:

Dental Resonance Profile
E.F.T. (emotional freedom technique)
Food Sensitivities List
Nutritional Assesment (generic)
Bach Flower Essences
PSE (psychosomatic energies)
Info. – AAP Base
Info. – AAP Corollaries
Info. – Acupuncture Evaluation
Info. – Alzheimers Issues
Info. – Auricular Points
Info. – Autism Panel
Info. – Baseline Filters
Info. – Brain Homeostasis Panel
Info. – Brain Waves
Info. – Chemotherapy Agents
Info. – Compensatory Drift / Glands
Info. – Compensatory Drift / Meridians & Vessels
Info. – Compensatory Drift / Organs
Info. – Compensatory Drift / Systems & Areas
Info. – Compensatory Drift II (Foci)
Info. – Cranial Therapy
Info. – CRT Methodology (Dr. Pinto)
Info. – Crystal Signatures
Info. – Dairy Panel
Info. – Degenerative Disturbance
Info. – Dental Materials
Info. – Enzymes (supplemental)
Info. – Five Elements
Info – Food Additive Groups
Info. – Frequencies (G-Ecdysone)
Info. – Frequencies (G-NGF)
Info. – Frequencies (R.R.)
Info. – Frequencies – Male (R.R.)
Info. – Frequencies – Female (R.R)
Info. – Frequencies, Solfeggio
Info. – G.I. Panel
Info. – GenoType Diets
Info. – Growth Factors
Info. – Homotoxocology Evaluation
Info. – Inflammation Panel
Info. – Individual Applications
Info. – Inhalant Profile (region 8)
Info. – Matter/Energy Disruptions
Info. – Metabolic Typing
Info. – Neuropeptides
Info. – Non-Linear Tests
Info. – Nosodes Addendum
Info. – Prolotherapy
Info. – Reflexology Evaluation
Info. – Religious Values
Info. – Reticuloendothilial
Info. – (Rx) Anesthetics
Info. – (Rx) Antidepressants
Info. – (Rx) Antifungals
Info. – (Rx) Antihistamines
Info. – (Rx) Antipsychotics
Info. – (Rx) Anxiolytics
Info. – (RX) Contraceptives
Info. – (Rx) Diuretics
Info. – (Rx) Fertility Medications
Info. – (Rx) Mood Stabilizers
Info. – (Rx) Statins
Info. – Sarcodes (alphabetical by category)
Info. – Symptom-Emotion Correlation
Info. – Treatment Applications
Info. – Exercise Profile – Base Test
Info. – Exercise Profile (a) – Aerobic
Info. – Exercise Profile (a) – Stretching
Info. – Exercise Profile (b) – Duration
Info. – Exercise Profile (b) – Frequency
Info. – Exercise Profile (b) – Frequency
Info. – Exercise Profile (b) – Intensity