Adding your own logo to Asyra reports

When choosing an image to use as your logo for your Asyra report printouts, it must not be more than 180 pixels wide and 90 pixels high (180 X 90). Once you have the appropriately sized logo take the following steps to install it:

1. Choose the ‘Printing’ section from the left hand panel on the Asyra main screen.
2. Select ‘Custom Logo’ near the base of the page.
3. You will then see a small window load where you can preview your logo, to the right of the white address field is a small ‘folder’ symbol, click on this and you can then navigate to the file you wish to use on your computer.
4. Once you locate the file you wish to use, left-click it, highlight it and then select ‘Open’.
5. You should now see the address/location of the file pre-loaded in the white box in the small window. You will also notice a preview of the image has been generated in the small window.
6. If you are happy with the image, select ‘Apply, then ‘Preview’ within the printing area to view your logo as it appear on your Asyra reports.
7. As mentioned previously, no file should exceed 180 X 90 pixels. If you have an image that exceeds these dimensions, it must be reduced in size using applications like Adobe Photoshop.

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