Asyra: the world’s #1 bio-energetic screening system

Response testing with the Asyra Pro opens a window on causative factors to form the basis of an in-depth consultation, helping you map out the most effective route to optimal health for your clients.

Do you want to get better insights into your client’s health picture? Asyra is the key!

The Asyra system gives you instant responses to help you explore the root causes of health problems, and how to solve them. This is completed in moments, non-invasively,  and with no practitioner bias. The Asyra Pro is a highly effective tool for any health practitioner!

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The Asyra Pro gives you complete freedom

Along with a wide range of tried and tested screening protocols, you have complete freedom to customise and add to the database. The Asyra supports you to recommend the best treatments for each client from among all the techniques and products in your repertoire.

The Asyra Pro – 30 years of refinement of energetic testing

The Asyra Pro is the result of decades of continuous improvement in applying the principle of energetic assessment by electro-dermal testing. The features are tuned to take your consultation beyond the limited case-history information revealed by interview.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

The Asyra Pro – Complete Freedom

Along with the essential tests pre-configured, you have a wide-ranging database from which to create your own tests and protocols.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Clear Information Display

The software interface is clear and concise, with a visually engaging test process, and PDF reports generated at the touch of a button.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Compact, Powerful and Portable

With a compact footprint, and fitting into a small case alongside your laptop, the Asyra can easily be moved between practice locations.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Immediate Results

Asyra lets you and your client see response results straight away, resulting in a more dynamic interaction, and a more complete consultation.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Support That Is Second To None

Our support options include email, telephone, online user groups, and face-to-face support along with remote online assistance.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Extensive Ongoing Training

Your training journey comprises three stages of classroom or online training, backed up by workshops, webinars and individual support.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Really Accelerate Your Practice

The Asyra grows the appeal of your practice in a number of ways; helping you to identify root causes of health issues and deliver lasting results.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

Leasing Options Available

Hire or lease purchase can be arranged through trusted third-party finance companies, giving you financial flexibility to grow your business.

Asyra Pro, the quick, easy and professional solution

40,000 Item Database

The Asyra database contains a comprehensive range of test items spanning an enormous variety of health disciplines.

Those Are Just A Few Main Benefits, There Are Plenty More

  • Rapid, probeless screening

  • Comprehensive test in under 5 minutes

  • Extensive test libraries

  • Over 20 pre-configured test protocols

  • Customisable to individual clinical needs

  • Add your own remedies to the database

  • Create your own test structures

  • Insight into underlying factors

  • Easy to use and learn

  • Quick to integrate into your practice

  • Individual digital imprints

  • Low energy laser to replicate imprint

Watch Our Demo Videos: Listen, Learn, Enquire…



Asyra Demonstration Part One

Mark Galloway, developer of the Asyra software shows how to conduct Asyra testing with a client. Includes screen video and stills.


Asyra Demonstration Part Two

Mark Galloway continues his demonstration, focusing on the capabilities of the Asyra for generating imprinted solutions.


Back to Balance with the Asyra

Hazel Drummond, an experienced Asyra practitioner, talks through a full client consultation, illustrating different choices in clinical approach.

The Asyra Gives Clear And Detailed Reports

Test results are presented in colour showing items in priority order. Reports are easy to read and available immediately to be printed or exported to PDF.

We teach you how to use the Asyra to get the best possible results for your client

A comprehensive package including classroom training, video tutorials, printed reference manual and webinars ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to get great results.

Dynamic modern software for Windows & MAC (OS X with Windows compatibility), either on your laptop or workstation

Your Asyra software can be installed on multiple devices. Passing your database from one device to another is quick and easy.


User Reviews: Practitioners Love Their Asyra, And Love The Support.

Read our practitioner testimonials below to see how the Asyra enhances all kinds of health practices!

“Asyra is the most effective piece of equipment I have ever purchased for my clinic!”

Along with a wide range of tried and tested screening protocols, you have complete freedom
to customise and add to the database…. where many other devices on the market lock practitioners into proprietary remedies,
with the Asyra Pro we don’t.– Healthcare Practitioner, London

A recent client had suffered Insomnia for two years, had been to a well known TV hypnotherapist for 6 sessions, and it had not helped. The hypnotherapist suggested a food test, I put in comprehensive and non-linear, non linear showed a need to be increase awareness of neurotranmitter function. I ran the test and guess what came up? Melatonin and Trytophan – all needed to rebalance sleep. After the consultation he rang me to report that he has slept like a baby ever since!

I purchased the Asyra as soon as I set up my practice, and I love it. I love how instantaneous (and accurate!) the results are. This means you can pinpoint the root of the clients problems, resulting in a more effective treatment. Clients love it, and it enables you to interact with them in a different way, keeping them engaged throughout, as they love seeing the results and going home with ‘literature’. I get so many queries asking whether I test for allergies and sensitivities, and I genuinely believe that the Asyra method gives an incredible advantage.
Neema S
We specialise in allergies and I use the Asyra to reveal the client’s response to the relevant informational signatures. The results help me prioritise and then I use a homeopathic remedy to treat the client. The Asyra is so easy to use and has amazing results.
Lisa G
Clients can find it hard to come in and just spill all their problems. They tend to get to the core issues only at the end of the consultation time. The Asyra helps identify issues at their root, rather than simply relying on the client’s descriptions and interpretations. This takes a lot of pressure off the client, and makes them feel more relaxed. Clients also love the shorter testing time, and crucially I’ve been getting excellent clinical results by working in this way. A more engaging consultation and better clinical results have made the Asyra a really valuable piece of equipment for me. I’m glad I chose the Asyra.
Jane O
The reason I got the Asyra was to offer more to patients, as it gives so many more ways to look at their health holistically. They love the interaction of seeing what is happening, which helps their compliancy rate. Often there is so much more underlying things, and the Asyra often offers “the missing piece” in their health. The support from Asyra staff has been amazing, and Hazel is a dream to work with, always understanding and informative. All I can say is I’m a fan, it’s helped build my practice, thanks Asyra and team!
Barbara T

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