Asyra Technical Support

This page is a resource put together to support Asyra practitioners. Please read through its contents to familiarise yourself. It is rare for users to experience any technical problems with the Asyra Pro. Before spending time on your support issue, please make sure you have updated to the latest version of the software using web update. This should happen automatically when you are connected to the internet.

Support Resources Available

Your Asyra manual has descriptions of the most commonly required maintenance and installation issues.

The Help Videos (available in the software under HELP) cover most of the same materials but in a visual format.

The Asyra facebook group is a group of over 350 Asyra who can answer technical and clinical questions. It is also where our support specialists look out for support requests and can provide links and advice on 7-day basis (not guaranteed, but most questions receive a response pretty quickly).

Current Main Issue – IMPORTANT

Some users are experiencing system crashes whilst running tests. Commonly known as Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

This caused by an issue with the latest driver which Windows Update automatically installs.

Fixing the Blue Screen of Death – software crashing when running tests

Top Issues

75% of our support calls are about web updates that have failed to complete. Any symptoms or error messages that occur after a web update are almost certainly linked to that. Here is what to do:

  1. Force a new web update, click File – Web Update on the menu. The Update form that comes up will allow you to confirm the ‘force update’ for both data and program files. Proceed and re-try your software.
  2. If this fails, repeat the same process after temporarily disabling any running anti-virus or firewall software that may be stopping it from connecting. (In general, make sure asyrapro.exe is allowed to access the internet in your firewall.)
  3.  If the system still fails to run correctly, you may need to re-install using a software download, which is available from this link Asyra install file. This is only for Asyra users. Qest4 users please raise a support request using the form.

Requesting Technical Support

If you have followed the relevant technical support articles below and you still cannot rectify the problem you are experiencing, use the Technical Support Request form HERE

Support Articles

These articles cover the issues that have been encountered in the past, so please refer to them for further assistance on different issues:


The checks you should make before contacting us

GoToMeeting instructions for Remote Demos, Training and Support

Warranty and Support document


Installation Instructions for Windows 7, 8 & 10

Managing Device Drivers – Windows 7

Managing Device Drivers – Windows 8

Managing Device Drivers – Windows 10

My CD or Asyra Memory USB stick is corrupt or lost – can I download the Asyra Pro software from the internet?

COM Port Issues- If you see the Red Attempting to Connect to a COM port

System Warnings and Security

Moving your Asyra Software and Data to a New Computer

Important information for Apple MAC users


How to force a web update

Allowing the Asyra to be recognised by the Firewall when updating

Software issues/errors that occur shortly after installing a Web update


Protecting your Asyra Circuitry

PDF Reports

The Minimum Screen size/resolution required for the Asyra Pro

Dilution Scan – Individual Dilutions: My System Is Locking Up

I cannot switch off my Asyra

Carrying out a System Restore to solve any recent issues/errors

I would like to Back Up my client files on to a USB memory stick or CD

I would like to run my Asyra from 2 different laptops. Can I synchronise the databases?

How Can I Insure My Asyra?

Asyra Pro – Video Playing Issues

Hibernation and Standby

McAfee AntiVirus

Asyra Research Abstracts

Probes become unresponsive Asyra calibration

Adding your own logo to Asyra reports


Page updated 17/03/17