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Below is a list of some of the leading UK based practitioners who use the Asyra Pro in their practices and have asked to be listed. You can find a map of them here. If you are searching for a practitioner in another area, please go here for information.

North England

<strong>Andrew Woodhouse</strong>
Andrew WoodhouseAsyra Practitioner
Osteopath and Western Acupuncturist, NAET. Whether the problem is the relatively simple mechanical problems of musculo-skeletal aches & pains or more complex issues such as sensitivities, asthma, IBS or children’s health complaints, everyone is treated as an individual, with the person being treated, rather than the condition. Cheshire.
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<strong>Beth Cook</strong>
Beth CookAsyra Practitioner
Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Health and Bio-energetic Screening Practitioner. Beth has a passion for health and wellness. She has spent over 10 years working with individuals and corporations, improving their health, energy and happiness. Individual treatment and wellness plans are offered with the Asyra in Manchester and the surrounding areas.
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<strong>Ruth A. S. Sadler</strong>
Ruth A. S. SadlerAsyra Practitioner
Bio-energetic screening practitioner. Ruth is a former nurse and a registered homeopath with over twenty-eight years of experience, practicing in mid-Northumberland, serving the northeast of England. Over many years she has created holistic, bespoke treatments which embody homeopathy, kinesiology, allergy and nutrition advice. The addition of the Asyra has added amazingly to the treatments she offers. Call her on 01661881654
<strong>Sheila Holder</strong>
Sheila HolderAsyra Practitioner
Nutritional Therapist, Teacher, Wellness Co-ordinator and Bio-energetic Screening Practitioner. With a lifelong passion for wellbeing and wealth of experience in the field of health, Sheila offers Asyra screening, combined with relevant lifestyle advice to enable clients to understand wellness, often before it becomes illness! Based in the Sheffield Manchester area.
Call 07423 063 057
<strong>David Betts</strong>
David BettsAsyra Practitioner
 Nutritional Therapist. David is an ex-pro triathlete with 25 years in the field of competition, nutrition and personal training based in North Lincolnshire. LifescanPro LTD offers precision multi-level wide spectrum health screening using the best bio-resonance equipment available, the Asyra Pro. They specialise in screening athletes of all levels providing precise nutritional requirements to boost progress and recovery. They understand that everyone is unique and cater for everyone including children.
Call 01724 721404 or 07735561963
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<strong>Janet Barnett </strong>
Janet Barnett Asyra Practitioner
Asyra Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Bio energetic screening Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor. Janet has 10 years professional training and has been working as a Holistic practitioner since 1999. Her approach is to identify the root causes and solutions to ill-health or distress. Using individually tailored dietary, herbal and energetic/emotional solutions, She aims to provide sustainable, empowering, permanent improvements in well-being. Call 07933157907
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