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Advanced Bioenergetic Health Screening System

Could Health Screening Be A Reality In Your Practice?

The Asyra is an amazing health screening device that practitioners of all backgrounds in the UK, US and Europe are integrating into their practice for better clinical results. Elsewhere on this website you will find interviews and case studies illustrating its benefits.

We have supported over 200 independent practitioners as they integrate Asyra health screening into their practice, and we’d like to illustrate how beneficial it can be for your business from a financial point of view.

Add Value To Your Consultations

Aside from the benefits that the use of the Asyra can bring your clients and your clinical results, practitioners using the Asyra are generally able to raise hourly fees to reflect the additional depth of the work that is done. Consultation times likewise may be longer due the the breadth of material looked at in an Asyra consultation. The average consultation might go from one hour to 75 minutes. This is based on our experience of working with natural healthcare practitioners over the last 15 years, as well as operating our own integrative health clinic.

For Example…

A practitioner working as follows –

  • Based on: 8 clients per week
  • Consultation time per client: 1 hour
  • Total consultation time: 8 hours
  • Consultation rate: £50 per hour

Total Income per week: £400

After incorporating Asyra into the practice it might look like this.-

  • Based on: 8 clients per week
  • Consultation time per client: 1 hour ¼ per client
  • Total consultation time: 10 hours
  • Consultation rate: £65 per hour

Total income per week: £650

This illustrates how the Asyra can increase your weekly income by £250, or a little over £1000 a month. Whether the Asyra is purchased from your own funds of by leasing, this represents a very quick recovery of the purchase price*. Please contact us for current price and leasing contacts.

The price of the Asyra Includes:

  • The Asyra with Testing Plate and all Cables
  • Two Brass Handmasses with Holding Block
  • Low-level laser for accelerated healing
  • Training
  • Full Operation Guide
  • Hardshell Case with Custom Interior
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Ongoing Support from our Clinic
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Instructional videos

There are no hidden costs and the Asyra does not tie you to any particular healing protocol or product.

Call us today on 01730 233 414 to book your free online or in-person demonstration with the director of our very own clinic and find out how integrating the Asyra can benefit practitioners and their clients.

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Asyra Allergy Study

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Compare The Asyra with Other Devices

There are a few different bio-energetic screening devices available. We provide a comparison, based on our 15 years of experience running clinics. Click here or call 01730 233 414 to discuss your options.

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