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Advanced Bioenergetic Health Screening System

Consulting with the Asyra

Integrating the Asyra into your clinical practice is easy because the software is customisable and screening is fast, easily administered, and non-invasive.

Practitioners of all disciplines worldwide are now enhancing their clinical effectiveness – and their businesses – with the Asyra: nutritionists, herbalists, integrative doctors, homeopaths, psychotherapists, life coaches, chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, personal trainers and beauty therapists to name a few. Patients and practitioners are benefiting alike. For many, the Asyra is central to a consultation; for others, it is another indispensable item in their toolkit. Click here to view a video demonstration of the Asyra. Screenings are performed as follows:

The Asyra unit sits on your desktop beside a computer, with the small cylindrical brass hand-probes stored in their storage block.

When ready to run a test, the client is invited to hold the brass probes, one in each hand. The client remains fully clothed and will feel nothing throughout the screening process.

You select the test you wish to run. This can range from a simple food intolerance screening, to a full screening which can include imbalances, weaknesses, deficiencies, physical problems and emotional stressors. The protocol for screening is at the discretion of the practitioner and will depend on the client’s needs.

The Asyra runs the tests, and the results are displayed on the computer screen, along with courses of treatment (the database of which can be customised in accordance with the requirements of the practitioner).

Discuss the results of the screening with your client. This often stimulates a much more in depth conversation that would have been achieved otherwise. The Asyra will also recommend appropriate courses of treatment, within the parameters set, so the results clearly map out the most effective route to good health.

The practitioner can save the results from the screening for future reference, and a copy can be printed off for the client to take home at the end of the consultation.

To discover how the Asyra is used by different kinds of practitioners, click here and read real-life case studies; or contact NutriVital Health now to book a demonstration.

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Asyra Allergy Study

A new study looks at the efficacy of the Asyra in treating allergies. Click here to find out more

Compare The Asyra with Other Devices

There are a few different bio-energetic screening devices available. We provide a comparison, based on our 15 years of experience running clinics. Click here or call 01730 233 414 to discuss your options.

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